Summary of Instructions for Certification and Recertification





Protecting God's Children Awareness Training Summary

Deadline June 1, 2015


·      All Clergy, Religious Brothers or Sisters, Employees, Volunteers and Independent Contractors must provide a signed copy of the appropriate Executive Summary from the 2015 Safe Environments Handbook regardless of whether you are recertifying, registering for the first time, or have recently had Virtus training.  Please return this signed form to the rectory or drop in the collection basket.


·      If you are Recertifying please note:

Ø  You already have a Virtus Account.  Please do not create a new account.  Contact Nancy Bentley at [email protected] for your User ID and/or Password.

Ø  If your background check in the Virtus System is up to date you do not need to run a new background check and the “Background Check” option will not be available to you when you log in.

Ø  If you are due to recertify your training the online training module “Protecting Gods Children Online Awareness Session 3.0” will be available to you when you log in and takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Ø  If your training is up to date there will be no online training module assigned to you.

Ø  If both your background check and your training are up to date you need only to sign and return the Executive Summary from the 2015 Safe Environments Handbook.

Ø  If you are not sure if you need training or a background check you may contact Nancy Bentley at [email protected]


·      If you are registering for the first time please note:

Ø  You can register for a live training class by following the Virtus Registration Instructions provided.  Please contact Nancy Bentley at  [email protected] if you need assistance.

Ø  If you do not wish to register online you may contact at Nancy Bentley [email protected] for assistance in registering.  When you attend your live training you will need to complete and sign a Background Check Release Form and the Executive Summary Page from the 2015 Safe Environments Handbook and return them to the rectory.

If you have any questions or need any assistance in registering or recertifying please contact Nancy Bentley at [email protected]